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Repurpose with Purpose!

The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Profit


The Ultimate Repurposing Template

Module 1 - Repurposing Existing Content

=> Discover the very best strategies and locations for repurposing your existing content. We’ll even show you how to repurpose your existing content so you can get paid for your content while your building your business.

=> Discover how to conduct a “Repurposing Audit” to discover “repurposable content” you didn’t even know you had.=> 

=> ($997 VALUE)

Module 2 - Repurposing with Purpose

=> Here’s how most online entrepreneurs approach Content Repurposing: They hear they are supposed to repurpose so they grab some content and throw it against the repurposing wall hoping it will stick.

=> I don’t want you to be like most online entrepreneurs because most of them are broke.

=> Discover instead how to “repurpose with purpose” by creating content with the intention of repurposing. You’ll get so much more reach, traffic, audience, and profits in this way.

=> ($997 VALUE)


Module 3 - Repurpose Specific

=> Again, most online entrepreneurs, if they do repurpose, they take the same piece of content and repurpose it in the same form to a variety of different sites.

=> The secret here is “native specific repurposing.” NSR is simply knowing and using the “native specific” requirements of each site to get the most out of your repurposed content.

=> You’ll then have a skill that 99% of online entrepreneurs do not have.

=> ($997 VALUE)



BONUS 1 - Repurpose into Info-Products

=> This huge component of repurposing is left our of every course I’ve ever seen on Repurposing. Except this one!

=> In my model of Content Repurposing you are creating your products and services while you are creating your content for repurposing.

=> With this skill you’ll be able to create your own info-empire – faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

=> ($497 VALUE)


BONUS 2 - Repurpose with Purpose Facebook Group

=> Here we’ll drop world class Repurposing training in text, audio, and video EVERY DAY until the formal Module Training starts the first week of January ($1997 Value) – a BONUS training course on it’s own!

=> Then the Repurpose with Purpose Facebook Group will be an ongoing source of training, support, Q&A, brainstorming and more!

=> ($497 VALUE)


BONUS 3 - One Hour Consult with Jeff

=> Look at is as either you’re buying the course and get an hour consult with me, or you’re buying an hour consult with me and getting Repurpose with Purpose course for me. It really doesn’t matter to me, I just know I’ve never made an offer like this one before. I may never do it again, and certainly not at this price!

So if you’d like to start the new year with a bang and have me hold your hand while you’re doing it, this is the next best thing to me coming to your home and doing it for you.

We’ll hop on a Zoom call and we can talk about whatever you want. We can talk about the content you already have. We can talk about a new content strategy for you for the year.

We can talk about strategies for you to actually get permission to use other people’s content and then repurpose that content in your own business. We can search together in a Repurposing Audit on your computer for content that you probably haven’t thought of…, and I’ll show you how to do key word searches for content you already have.

=> The sooner you buy the sooner you can lock in a date and time with me on your schedule, instead of have to work around my schedule and everyone else’s.

=> Now this does not mean you have to use your consult with me right away. In fact, I’ll give you an entire year to claim that hour…

=> PRO TIP: Divide that hour into two 30 minute sessions – one to create a plan, one to evaluate the results

=> ($497 VALUE)


BONUS 4 - Done for You Customized Content

=> Using The Ultimate Repurposing Template I’ll create a piece of content for you, and you can use it however you want for the rest of your life!

=> ($997 VALUE)


SUPER BONUS 1 - Done for You Custom Repurposing

=> Now this is crazy, I’ve NEVER done it before, and may not ever do it again.

I’ll REPURPOSE a piece of your content to my highly responsive list and my social media.

=> Now understand this => You’re getting in front of tens of thousands of new and highly responsive potential customers.


=> ($1997 VALUE)

BONUS 5 - One Free Month in the Content Cash Club

=> Beginning in January, you’ll get one month free access to the Content Cash Club, the Club completely focused on cashing in on your content!.

At the end of the month you’ll have the opportunity to join as a Founding Member.


BONUS 6 - Repurposing Review

=> Jeff will review a piece of your content and recommend the best ways to repurpose it
Done in a group module training or in special group trainings, you’ll also get the benefit of the group’s ideas as well

=> ($497 MONTHLY VALUE) 

SUPER BONUS 2 - Product Creation Finale

=> In The Final Training Jeff will walk you through step-by-step through repurposing your content into your first (or next) info-product
You’ll wrap up your training with a profitable product created!

=> ($997 MONTHLY VALUE) 

Now if you're wondering why in the heck would I offer all these incredible BONUSES, here's the Reason: I'm so dead serious about helping 100 people just like you to change their lives with Content Repurposing this year, and this is how I'm going to do it: by sweetening the pot so much that you simple have to come on board with us!

But this offer is only good between now and the first of the year. And if you want me to REPURPOSE a piece of your content to my highly responsive list and social media YOU MUST ACT BY MIDNIGHT ON CHRISTMAS DAY!


The Ultimate Repurposing Template

When you Act Today you’ll also get The Ultimate Repurposing Template. Designed to help you quickly and easily create content that you can repurpose and content you can repurpose into info-products.

In fact, The Ultimate Repurposing Template will make is so you can’t help but Repurpose Your Content!

You must Act Today! 

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