Consistent is Better than Viral

Content Does Traffic

🎈❤️🎈⁣⁣🎈Say what❓⁣⁣🎈But isn’t going viral the holy grail of online traffic?⁣⁣🎈First of all there is no holy grail; it’s a lot of little things in proper combination. ⁣⁣🎈Second, consistency beats viral every time❗️⁣⁣🎈Plus consistency is in your control 😎⁣⁣🎈Get more consistent content traffic strategies when you visit our free private group at

Content Does: Instagram Video

🎈❤️🎈⁣⁣🎈Updates⁣🎈Stories⁣🎈Highlights⁣🎈Instagram Live⁣🎈InstagramTV⁣⁣🎈Choose one and shine…⁣⁣🎈❤️🎈

Content Does: MYTHS

🎈❤️🎈⁣⁣🎈Quick Content Creation Tips: MYTHS⁣⁣🎈Find a popular myth in your niche – the more generally accepted the better❗️⁣⁣🎈Now deliver the truth according to you ⁣⁣🎈That’s good Content right there, I don’t care who you are…⁣⁣🎈❤️🎈

Content Does: Adding Value

🎈❤️🎈⁣⁣🎈I get really tired of people saying “well, that’s not really content”⁣⁣🎈Content IS anything that adds value to your life❗️⁣⁣🎈Period❗️⁣⁣🎈Next question❗️⁣⁣🎈❤️🎈

Repurposing Rocks

🎈Repurposing Tip: whenever you create and publish any piece of content you are not done until you’ve repurposed it at least once…⁣⁣🎈Want more? Get more Repurposing Tools in our Free Content Does Facebook Group – join us here